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Why get a Rooftop Tent?

Why get a Rooftop Tent?

Why spend two to three thousand dollars on a Rooftop tent you may ask? There are many reasons, why you may want to use a rooftop tent over a classic tent. They are so easy to use, you can camp anywhere, more space for extra things in the back, better views, warmer, and we all can't deny looks.

Easy to use

When it comes to Rooftop tents one of the main reasons everyone wants to get one is of their easy use. As well as easy use, set up and pack down traditionally takes a 3rd of the time a ground tent takes. A Hard shell rooftop tent something like the Southalps Hard Shell Rooftop Tent, will only take about 60 seconds to pack up and pack down. Some larger ground tents can take 10 minutes plus with a lot of struggle and sometimes arguments. Then by the time you get them up you have lost any motivation to go camping again. A rooftop tent is made, so you can spend less time worrying about setting up and packing down and more time to spend, doing what you would rather be doing like getting back out and exploring.

Camp anywhere

Camp anywhere with a SouthAlps Roof Tent

Another great reason to invest in a great quality rooftop tent like the Southalps Soft Shell Rooftop Tent is comfort.

This allows you stay at places that might not have such even ground like a river bed. With a rooftop tent, all you have to do is make sure that the truck is somewhat level and then you can open the tent and not have to spend heaps of time finding flat even ground to sleep on. An example of a rooftop tent on a rough river bead is shown in a photo to the below.

We all at some point have had to sleep in a normal tent on rough ground. Time passes and you get into bed and you realise that right in the middle of where you're sleeping there is a big rock that you missed or what you thought was nice and flat is not as flat as you first thought.

You have two choices: either deal with it and have a bad night sleep or move your tent, which is a lot of effort when you're already in bed. With a rooftop tent, from Southalps you won't have this issue.

You will never have an uncomfortable sleep with the comfortable mattress that comes with them and will have no rocks pointing through into your mattress.

Our rooftop tents are warmer than your standard tents

Warmer than a standard tent

Another reason a rooftop tent may be a good option for you is they are a lot warmer than a standard tent. Because the tents are off the ground by the height of the roof you don't get the cold from the ground which makes them a lot warmer as there is no cold from the ground.

This is a big upside if you're a keen winter camper. It is more enjoyable to wake up warm in the mornings that have a frost over the ground.

However you will still have to have some nice warm sleeping bags or blankets on the cold mornings but it definitely will make it more enjoyable waking up.

More space in the back

A normal tent or a swag is quite bulky, which means that they can take up quite a bit of space in the back of your vehicle. If you have your tent on your roof this frees up possible space in the back of your vehicle for dry storage.

You always have your tent, if things turn bad

With a rooftop tent like the Southalps Hard Shell Rooftop Tent, you will always have your tent with you. So if you go out with mates or by yourself on a 4wd and things go really bad and you end up having to stay the night you will have the comfort of your own rooftop tent to stay in.

Yes, this is a very unlikely event but it does happen and to have a rooftop tent to crawl up into would make a bad situation a little bit better, rather than sleeping in the front seat of your truck. Another situation where having a rooftop tent always with you is driving late at night and you are fatigued.

With your Rooftop tent like Southalps Hard Shell Rooftop Tent you can pull over somewhere like a river bank or a back road and have a 20-minute nap then carry on driving refreshed.

Views from the rooftop tent

If you park in the right spot the night before, you can wake up to nice views in the morning looking out the windows. With a rooftop tent, you are higher than most cars, therefore you will have unrestricted views of your surroundings. This can be a huge bonus if you are camping somewhere with spectacular views.


I can't write a blog on why to buy a rooftop tent and ignore the point on how damn good a rooftop tent-like Southalps hard shell rooftop tent or the Southalps soft shell rooftop tent look when they are open on your vehicle parked up at the campsite.


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