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5 Must do Camp spots!!

Lake Camp - Hakatere Conservation Park, Mid Canterbury

Lake Camp next to Lake Clearwater. This would have to be my go to place for a weekend away. This gem of a camping spot is located just up from Mt Somers in Mid Canterbury.

Once you get there, there are two two lakes and one more just down the road a bit more. You can camp anywhere around Lake Camp itself. You can take a boat and enjoy it in lake camp, Four wheel drive around all three lakes, hunt with permission from the Department of Conservation and plenty more. On a nice weekend the views of the lake and hills are next level and definitely worth the trip. Paired with a rooftop tent from Southalps you are in for a great weekend away.

Camping out near Lake Camp in Mid Canterbury, New Zealand
Camping out near Lake Camp in Mid Canterbury, New Zealand

Okains Bay - Banks Peninsula Christchurch

Okains Bay just a short 1 hour drive from Christchurch just over in the Banks Peninsula. This is a great spot to go for a over nighter or a weekend trip to escape the city. Camp under the trees just a short 20 meter walk away from the sand. Okains bay is surrounded by big hills making it a little bit sheltered and a nice places to go and look around at the beautiful scenery.

Overnight Camping at Okains Bay

Lake Pearson, Selwyn District near Christchurch New Zealand

Lake Pearson is located half way up the Arthurs Pass. It is probably the best place to stop and stay a night on the Authors Pass road. It is a stunning spot to wake up to being surrounded by the hills and having a beautiful lake. Make sure to get the most out of this spot you take the extra time and go camp down at the edge of the lake just off the road instead of the shingle campsite at the end of the lake.

Camping on the shore of Lake Pearson

Cob Valley in the Nelson region of New Zealand

Cob Valley is one of the coolest spots i have camped at. This hidden gem is just over from the Tākaka hill. It is a long narrow drive in over a hill but once you get there it is definitely worth it. Make sure you pack plenty of food, water, insect repellent and fuel because once you get there it is pretty remote and a nice break away from the city.

The hidden gem of Cob Valley

Abel Tasman National Park, Tasman District, New Zealand

Abel Tasman National park would have to be one of the best beaches i have camped at. Just a short drive from Tākaka over a narrow shingle road over the hill and you will be presented with this absolutely beautiful golden beach.

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